Congratulations to the winners of the Print & Play Challenge!
And welcome to the Snapmaker Test Pilot Program!

The Print & Play Challenge

June 1st is Snapmaker's 8th Anniversary. The theme of our celebration this year is Play Well. Play Well reminds us of our youth, of fun and exploration, and why we started Snapmaker in the first place. The challenge is simple: Print something you can play with: Toys, games, sports equipment, musical instruments - anything you can play with. (Bonus points if you can also use the Laser or CNC functions of your Snapmaker!) Play with your creation, inviting your friends and family to join you so you can enjoy the wonderful things you've made - together. Film a video, 1-3 minutes long, documenting:
   a. What you made.    b. How you made it.    c. Who you played with! Upload your video to YouTube using the hashtag #snapmakervideocontest, and then submit the link to the widget below.
Be sure to highlight the design and thought behind your creation, as well as the final result.

We invite you to join us in this challenge, starting on Mother's Day (12 May 2024), ending on Father's Day (16 June 2024, Midnight UTC+8), and offering a special bonus for submitting your entry before our 8th Anniversary Celebration on June 1st!

Special Bonus: The Snapmaker Team will choose 5 videos submitted before June 1st to highlight on our website and show during our 8th Anniversary Celebration!

12 May 2024 - 16 June 2024

Detailed Information


The top 3 contestants will each win the following prizes:

  • $888 USD Cash or local currency equivalent, transferred through International Bank Transfer.

  • 1 x Snapmaker Test Pilot Helmet, signifying the recipient's enrollment in the Snapmaker Test Pilot Program (they will get to test new Snapmaker products in the prototype stage!)

  • 1 x $888 Novelty Check

  • • Length of video should be between 61s-180s.
  • Upload your Print and Play video to YouTube with the hashtag #snapmakervideocontest, and then submit the video link to the Gleam widget above!
  • • Ensure that over 80% of the components in your work are created using the Snapmaker machine.
We will invite contributors from the Snapmaker user community, the community moderators team, and a small number of Snapmaker team members to participate in the voting process within the specified time frame. We will evaluate the video based on the criteria below. Based on the voting results, the Snapmaker community moderators team will select the winners.
  • • Originality
  • • Innovation
  • • Relevance to the theme
  • • Quality of presentation, including the description, photos, videos, etc.
  • • Artistic value
  • • Bonus: Bonus points will be awarded if you also use your Snapmaker's CNC and/or Laser functions.

Note: Share your video far and wide! Use your friends, family, and social media connections to get the word out about how wonderful your video and creation are.

  • • How are the winners picked?
    The winners are picked based on the evaluation explained above. Videos are also screened for validity based on the Rules mentioned above.
  • • How do I know if I win?
    We will announce the results on our website and official social media accounts on Friday, 28 June. We will also email the winners.
  • • If I win, how do I claim the prize?
    We will contact you through the email address you logged in with. Please reply to claim your prize.
  • • What if I upload the wrong video link?
    You can contact us on social media or via and we will help to reset your entry.
  • • Who should I ask if I have questions about this event?
    Feel free to contact us via if you have any questions.
🔧Terms and Conditions
  • • Regarding the Cash Prizes: This is not a game of chance, but please take note of local laws and regulations, such as the tax treatment of cash prizes.
  • • Regarding the helmet: Please note that the helmet design in the prize poster is for promotional purposes only. The actual helmet may not match this depiction.
  • • The winning submissions will be announced on 6.28, and the winners will be contacted via the email they signed up with. Arrangements will be made for the winners to receive their preferred prizes through email. We'll do our best to contact the winners, but if we reach out several times over the course of a week or more with no response, the prize will be awarded to the next highest scoring submission that has not already won.
  • • By submitting an entry, you authorize Snapmaker, or any person acting on behalf of Snapmaker to edit, publish, distribute, and use for any purpose your submitted content throughout the world without any further notice, review, or consent. However, Snapmaker will guarantee your authorship rights, so your name will be credited.
  • • We reserve the right to terminate and change the terms at any time.