Snapmaker 2.0
Quick Swap Kit
The Snapmaker 2.0 Quick Swap Kit is a new system that allows you to switch between functions quickly.
  • One
    Minute Swap

  • Strong

  • All-metal
Slide, press, and nail in one minute!
No more screws, save more time than you imagine.
Experience improved, just convenient even with an enclosure.
Thanks to the Quick Swap Kit’s short lead design, switching between functions is a snap even in the enclosure.
Reliable As Always.
Inheriting Snapmaker's signature all-metal design, the toolheads and platforms are full of high-strength materials to ensure reliability. Adding the quick swap won't affect the precision of the three functions since CNC grinding ensures the flatness of the quick swap surface.
Expandability is
always a priority.
The Quick Swap Kit is compatible with all the toolheads that are compatible with Snapmakr 2.0, including 3D Printing Module, 1.6W Laser Module, 50W CNC Module, 10W High Power Laser Module, Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module.
3D Printing Module + Quick Swap
1.6W Laser Module + Quick Swap
50W CNC Module + Quick Swap
10W High Power Laser Module + Quick Swap
Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module + Quick Swap
Snapmaker 2.0 Quick Swap Kit
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