Snapmaker 7th Anniversary Column | Letter from René Ruschetta

Hi Maker,

Let me introduce René Ruschetta from Switzerland today. René has become a Snapmaker Artisan user for 6 months and he has already been surprising the community by sharing his awesome projects in the Facebook group very often.

When did you become a Snapmaker user?

I became interested in 3D printing 3 years ago. I was 66 years young and had no idea what I was in for. The adventure of 3 d printing began with a Creality CR 6 SE. With a lot of patience and perseverance, I understood more and more how the whole thing works. But I quickly wanted to print multicolor parts and bought the MOSAIC PALETTE 3 PRO. A good but very difficult adjustment thing to achieve good results. Then I bought, again from Crealiy, CR 10 Smart Pro, which is also a top printer for beginners. But I wanted more and better. I searched the Internet and came across the Snapmaker and my blood pressure rose enormously. Yes!!! This is the part I must have. But I thought I should wait a little longer because these guys are light years ahead of other manufacturers. The wait was worth it. The Snapmaker artisan was born and has been a proud owner for 6 months.

Why did you choose Snapmaker?

I chose the Artisan because you have 3 options in one device. But most often I use only the printer and laser, CNC, which I have never used until now. I will then try a CNC project on my 70th birthday, so in a year.

Paintings by René Ruschetta

What is the most memorable project you have ever done with Snapmaker 3D printer?

This guy was the most difficult. He almost drove me crazy because he wouldn’t stay on the pressure bed or the supports broke away. After what felt like three weeks, he finally stopped. He probably realized that he couldn’t think I was stupid. Haha. But I still don’t know how I made the settings.

Since becoming a Snapmaker user, what have you gained in your maker journey? 

Anyone who buys the artisan and has little or no experience must be aware that it is not a toy. It will also not work with every filament. It’s just a matter of trying it out, and in my opinion, there’s no getting around it. But it is worth it and achieves perfect results.

3D Printing Projects by René Ruschetta

From your perspective, what progress has Snapmaker made over these years?

You actually make progress every day. I am a person with the slogan, can’t be done, with a lot of patience and time everything is possible. I used kilos of filament for test prints until I found the right settings. Unfortunately, the Luban slicer is not exactly the rolls royce slicer, but for certain parts quite good. But must be urgently improved since one achieves much better results with cura and prusa.

What do you want to say to Snapmaker team?

Now to the Snapmaker team:

As already mentioned, improve the Luban slicer. A spring steel plate for the heating bed would also not be bad. But this is purely a matter of opinion. On the whole, you are completely on the fast track. Keep it up. You can be proud of what you have created. Congratulations.

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