Try Out Snapmaker J1 3D Printer Before Anyone Else

Hi Makers,

We are recruiting makers worldwide to review Snapmaker J1. As long as you are interested in J1, you can join and win a chance to review J1 in 14 days for free!

Application requirements

1. It is required to publish a product review (photos or videos that can showcase the participant’s experience with J1) on at least one of their social media accounts after using the product.

2.Every Product Experience Officer enjoys a 14-day period to test and review (from the day the participant receives J1 to the day this participant sends the machine to the next participant).


Enter here

Try Out J1 Before Anyone Else


How are the Product Experience Officers picked?

The participants are randomly picked with a third-party app. We will review the entries to ensure that all final participants have provided information as required. Otherwise, we will re-pick.

 How do I know if I am picked?

After the application is approved, representatives from Snapmaker team will contact the applicant by email. If the applicant fails to provide a valid delivery address within 5 working days, this application will be regarded as a waiver.

Whom should I ask if I have questions about this event?

Feel free to contact us via if you have any questions.


Terms and conditions

1. During the product experience and product delivery period, if the product is lost or damaged due to improper use/storage/packing by the participant, the participant shall pay compensation to Snapmaker. The compensation amount is the pre-order price of J1, which is $1099 or €1339.

2. Participants must authorize Snapmaker to edit, publish, and disseminate all the text, images, videos, and other content submitted by the participants during the event through various publicity channels.

3. The right to interpret this event belongs to Snapmaker. If the participants violate the rules of the event, we have the right to cancel their participation qualifications and require participants to return the machine immediately.

4. After the product experience period ends, if the participants occupy the product without reason or refuse to return it, Snapmaker has the right to take further legal action.

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    1. I have the snapmaker a3050t and I love it so much. I also have an ender 5 plus, the CR-5 PRO, the Creality CR10 smart and out of all. Of them I like the ease and use of the snapmaker.

  1. I would be the perfect candidate for this as I have been testing and promoting products for 15+ years with a company called Centercode/Betabound. I have a lot of experience doing so.

    1. I have experience with 3d printing and I’m looking to upgrade, this would be a great opportunity to force my hand at buying one. I also have a great following that would be beneficial when I post a review.

  2. Currently unemployed, having time to truly evaluate the product and post credible findings

  3. must have, that need to be test and review!
    thanks for the opportunity to get a chance to do it!

  4. I would like to see “Aurora Tech”, a YouTube content creator do a review. She is very thorough.

  5. This would be a nice opportunity to improve my print process and try new 3D prints which up until now proved difficult. Really looking foreward to put the new printer through the works.

  6. Looking forward to seeing real reviews.
    Dont want to be sceptical.
    But the market is being saturated with machine’s with promising wishes, but really giving the results and solutions that the customer wants and needs.
    Fingers crossed that you are the company that brings that to the market at the right price.
    Awaiting with eyes wide open.

  7. Snapmaker J1 IDEX printer looks to be a very exciting product that will fit the 3D printing needs of just about every user. Look forward to trying one out soon!

  8. I just ordered an Artisan and hope this new one is as good a machine. Would love to test it out and hopefully if it checks out would love to own one.

  9. Bring it on… i’m ready for this big upgade and make the perfect prints with this masterpiece

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