Snapmaker Artisan Update #1 | Why do we start the pre-order months before the shipment?

Hi makers,

We understand how upset you could feel with the waiting. And we are here to assure you that we’ll keep you posted with the manufacturing progress and shipment of each batch of Artisan during this whole time. We completely understand that with time comes uncertainty and our customers’ situation could change. So if you change your mind and want a refund, there won’t be any problem. Refund requests because of the long waiting time will be 100% granted.

At the same time, we wanna shed some light on where we currently are with Artisan so you may have more confidence purchasing.

Apart from the Dual Extrusion Module, which took more time than we expected with tweaking and testing, all the parts of Artisan are now in the stage of pilot production. Dual Extrusion Module is expected to follow suit next week.

What’s also worth mentioning is Artisan’s linear modules, in which we have invested considerable resources. We experimented with a whole new design aimed at increasing their rigidity and precision, with success. This means the precision of the linear modules is now on par with linear rails used in some industrial equipment. Moreover, they are twice as fast as Snapmaker 2.0 and way more stable.

Now back to the question, why do we start the pre-order months before the shipment?

It’s mainly based on these considerations:

Firstly, just like any other company that manufactures their own products in-house, we too, need to expand production carefully. Operating on a preorder basis allows us to arrange production scale-up with more control, reducing the risk of overstocking and draining available resources.

Secondly, selling Artisan a few months ahead will let our potential customers who are looking at 3-in-1 printers compare their options and make informed decisions based on their needs. A comparison of the existing 3-in-1 machines can be found here.

Thirdly, we also want to make sure that we get real feedback from real customers in order to solve real problems. By launching the product a few months earlier than shipment, we’ll be able to improve the user experience according to your valuable input.

So this begs another question: why not start a Kickstarter project?

On the one hand, We want to provide our users with a better purchasing experience. Kickstarter does not support refunds and has no mandatory requirements for pledge delivery while pre-ordering from our official store will allow our customers to apply for a refund without issue. Third-party platforms, such as Paypal, and Stripe will provide a refund guarantee, too. On the other hand, we can design the product page and user interface on our own terms so that we can provide a more friendly page interaction and browsing experience. And as some users might have noticed, they can contact our support team through live chat displayed on the product page to receive real-time and friendly support as well.

Therefore, although KS can bring us more user traffic and exposure, we decided to release Artisan on our website and sell it at our Official Store.

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  1. How can anyone be upset about this lead-time? It was clearly indicated ‘Delivery December’ and it is an established company offering this preorder for clients who know what they need. Invest your energy in testing and testing and testing and take the time, my order is placed and I look patiently forward to this new machine!

  2. I just wish to get my dual extruder for Snapmaker 2 … and see something done with its roadmap – either aknowledge there will be nothing more or show us what you are planning – having it under maintinance in limbo for half a year is middle finger to your previous customers.

  3. Hi , can’t wait for my Artisan , I think its great what you have done with a bigger size and more power and especially the cnc carving module , also I see the 5th axis may becoming soon, I will be one of the first to buy it , thanks Les

  4. I already have a SNAPMAKER 2 A350 which I purchased through Kickstarter, without any problems, but my experience with Kickstarter is not that good had 2 failures of delivery. So I like it to order directly from the maker and have also good experiences with SNAPMAKER ordering so from their website.

  5. Hello, I’m a beginner and I’ve dealt with 3in1 a little bit and I find it all very interesting and would then also like to buy the right device right away, the Artisan can also do 3d scans (to duplicate objects 3d printing) and secondly, there will be an invoice with declared German VAT. created ? Many greetings

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