Snapmaker Artisan | Episode 4 | Ultra-wide 7″ Touchscreen & Luban 4.4.0

Hi makers, 

In the past two weeks, we have given you a sneak peek of Snapmaker Artisan and mainly talked about major updates on hardware. From the appearance, you may have already noticed considerable modifications on the previous Power Module and the 5″ touchscreen. In this episode, we will zoom in on the Integrated Control System and reveal what has been improved on the firmware and software and how they work even better together to support the more powerful digital fabrication system of Artisan.

An Integrated Control System With Ultra-wide 7″ Touchscreen

As the screen size increases, so does its capacity. With an expansive screen, you can access more information at once, which reduces your memory load while operating the touchscreen. To give you an example, on the 5″ touchscreen of Snapmaker 2.0, you have to swipe back and forth to navigate to the menu. On the ultra-wide 7″ touchscreen of Artisan, the side navigation menu offers in-context guidance so that you understand where you currently are in the interface, and where you can go next. It enhances ease of navigation and truly streamlines your workflow. Besides, with more room to play, you can now preview the G-code file and check on the working status through live display on the new touchscreen.

In Artisan, we integrated the power module, emergency stop button, master control, and touchscreen into an Integrated Control System, changing how you interact with the touchscreen and the whole controller. With an inward tilt of 20°, the touchscreen is designed to fit ergonomics better. It gives you comfort while operating Artisan on a seated workstation. And we designed an upper opening for you to grab and move the controller easily.

What’s more, as introduced in the third episode, Artisan’s quick-swap platforms and toolheads let you shift among three functions in one minute. Accordingly, we also upgraded the firmware to better support the quick-swap design. Unlike in Snapmaker 2.0, you can replace modules without powering off in Artisan.

Snapmaker Luban 4.4.0

Mastering 3D printing slicer settings is a major challenge in the learning curve of 3D printing. When using any given slicer, one might not know how to tweak the settings or whether enough parameters are available for configuration. In the upcoming Luban 4.4.0, we will make big improvements to make slicer settings more accessible to everyone from novice to expert. In the up-to-date version 4.3.2, you can select from three standard printing modes: Fast Print, Normal Quality, and High Quality. Under the three printing modes, you can adjust general parameters such as Layer Height, Infill Density, Wall Thickness by inputting specific values or using the recommended settings. The Luban 4.4.0 is built in with more practical printing modes. We increase the level of encapsulation of various parameters and optimize the printing modes from three to four: Precise & Strong, Fast Print, Smooth Surface, and Normal Print. If you love printing mechanical parts, the Precise & Strong printing mode will do the trick.  

As for general parameters, we offer simpler solutions to help you choose the right settings. For example, the Layer Height is categorized into Fine, Medium, and Rough. If you are a beginner-level user, you do not need to input a specific value; instead, you can easily pick one of the categories of Layer Height to work with. Finding the right slicer settings is just a matter of a few clicks. If you are an advanced player, you have the option to tune the parameters yourself. You can access the underlying parameters and have full control of the machining process as always. In Version 4.4.0, you can tweak 290+ parameters compared to the 50+ parameters in previous versions.

Furthermore, the information-sharing between the machine itself and Luban is synchronized on a higher level.  For example, When you swap among hot ends of different nozzle sizes in the Dual Extrusion 3D Printing Module, Luban will automatically detect the changes and recommend parameters for you. 

Win the 1st Artisan

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  1. Just willing to get one it seems great to me and looking forward to create a lot of things !!

  2. I would love to be one of the first regular people to win and get their hands on this. You guys seem to make some pretty spectacular products and Id love to help build up your diverse user base who are starting their own minority owned businesses! Fingers crossed I am one of the lucky winners!

  3. Ich wollte schon immer einen haben , konnte mir aber leider noch keinen leisten . Ich finde den voll gelungen und mega schön.

  4. Winning a Snapmaker Artisian would help me realise the dream of owning my own small business. This machine has come along leaps and bounds since the original became available and I believe would be a value add to anyone wanting to create memories for themselves and others.

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