12 Best 3D Prints for Father’s Day

Compared to shopping for mum, it’s notoriously hard to shop for dad. When it comes to mum, we can probably come up with a shopping list in a second. But with dad, it always takes time to figure out what kinds of gifts dad would love. If you don’t know what to shop for dad, we recommend 3D prints for Father’s Day, which might be a novelty for dad. You can narrow your search by reading the following guide. Our picks are as attractive as they are helpful. Read on to get yourself started. 

Lamborghini Wall Key Hanger by Soarpix

Is your dad always looking for keys? It’s time to get him a prominent keychain holder like the one here! Designed by the model designer Soarpix, this key hanger is as stylish as helpful. It has nifty “print-in-place” mechanics. When you hang the key on it, the car door will also open. Reminder: You might need to print the window with 50-100% infill to add some weight to the door. With this keychain hanger that stands out in all aspects, it must be easier for daddy to keep track of the keys at home! 

3D-printed Wine Bottle Holder by Snapmaker

Replace your dad’s old-fashioned wine bottle holder with a 3D-printing version. Who wouldn’t love a wine bottle holder as creative as this one? It allows your dad to put the bottle upside down to keep the cork wet and avoid excessive oxidation of the wine. Get the STL file via this link

3D-printed Jeep Wrangler by Soarpix

You don’t want to miss out on this 3D-printed 1:12 Jeep Wrangler that will impress car-loving dads. This Jeep Wrangler almost maxed out the Snapmaker 2.0 A350T‘s 350mm build plate with the large Wrangler body in one piece. With a resemblance to a real car, the tires were printed in TPU with elasticity. Soarpix also utilized the CNC module to cut out windows in clear acrylic. And finally, he added headlights to complete the excellent design. Do you want to build one for dad? We have prepared the files for you!

Star Wars Mini Darth Maul by Vedran Wekster

If your dad is exactly a die-hard Star Wars fan, he is bound to love this miniature of Darth Maul! The model designer Vedran Wekster made a single color and a multi-material version and 3d-printed it on Snapmaker 2.0 A350T. More than this, you can find a collection of 14 previously made Star Wars models (Cad Bane, Ahsoka, mini Darth Vader, etc.) on his page

Apart from 3D-printed Father’s Day gifts, there are also a bunch of laser engraving ideas you can realize with Snapmaker 3-in-1 3D Printers. Unlike 3D printing, engraving can be practiced on different surfaces. It’s a simple way to personalize any item for the special one. 

Happy Father’s Day Key Chain by Billz Sharif

A key chain is probably an everyday carry of your dad. Get a plain pet tag from the online marketplace and engrave Happy Father’s Day in your design. You can also surprise your dad by “hiding” a lovely family photo on the back of the tag, just like our user Billz Sharif did on Snapmaker Original!

Best Dad Ever Cutting Board by Junior Yearwood

If you want to go big, you can also laser engrave a design on a cutting board instead of a small tag. Our user Junior Yearwood conveyed the straight-from-the-heart message “Best Dad Ever” through laser engraving on Snapmaker 2.0.Tips: To keep your gift in a prime condition so that your dad can keep it for years and years, you can remove the soot from the cutting board with soap and water, apply food grade mineral oil over the entire surface, and repeat a few more times, and let the oil soak into the whole board. 

If your dad is a beer enthusiast, he will thank you for the following two perfect present ideas.

Beer Opener by Shane Herrington

You can consider upgrading the above cutting board decor idea into a more functional bottle opener. The example here was designed and produced by Shane Herrington, who used the CNC function of Snapmaker machine to hollow out the name and then laser engraved the text and portrait around the carved-out section. A bonus design adding to this would be a magnet built into a backside pocket carved out by using the CNC head so that the board can catch the bottle caps once the bottle is opened.

Beer Caddy by Kyle Johnson

A super helpful Beer Caddy for your daddy! He can take it out for a party, a football game, or fishing. With a personalized touch on the Beer Caddy, your dad would love to “show off” his cool beer caddy with friends. The six-pack Beer Caddy featured here was made by Kyle Johnson, who laser engraved the sides and handle of a sturdy beer-carrying case.

Laser-engraved Water Bottle by Michael Mikkelson

Upgrade this everyday carry in a noticeable way. A water bottle with a creative look can remind your dad that he should drink more water and stay hydrated throughout the day. Our user Michael Mikkelson did remarkable work here with Snapmaker 10W Laser Module.

Laser-engraved Family Photo

This is perhaps the simplest gift on the list. Yet, the simpler, the better! It is also the kind of last-minute gift you can gift. Choose a memorable or hilarious family photo, and let the machine finish the rest of the engraving steps on an MDF board. A family photo is something most dads would love to place on a desk or hang on the wall. It’s recommended to set the laser engraving parameters as follows to get the best result: 

Size: 200  ×  200  ×  1.5 mm

Material: MDF

Estimated Time: 10 hours

Laser Power: 60% (1.6W)

Dwell Time: 5ms/dot

Laser-engraved Knife in Viking mode by Yohann Nvu

Knives are cool stuff to gift. To make it one-of-a-kind, you can engrave a pattern that can add extra meaning to the knife. For example, our user Yohann Nvu etched a Viking mode blade on Snapmaker 2.0.

Money Clip by Thousand Flowers Studio

A personalized money clip is also a great idea for dad. Though it’s a bit nostalgic, a minimalist dad will appreciate it. The money clip with a sleek look can save your dad from an oversized wallet.

From June 6 to June 19, Snapmaker 6th Anniversary Sale is live on Snapmaker’s official online store! Get yourself a Snapmaker machine, and start making Father’s Day gift!

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