Snapmaker Turns Six on Children’s Day! 

Hi makers,

Happy Children’s Day!

Makers are children at heart. We unlock our creativity and curiosity by realizing our ideas in real life, whether it is a simple phone holder, a wooden pen, or a creative piece of work; we gain plenty of joy by making things for ourselves or our loved ones.

Today, we would like to make it official that June 1 is Snapmaker’s birthday and share the reason behind it. We celebrated our 5th anniversary in Q3 last year as Snapmaker was registered in August, but deep in our CEO Daniel’s heart, it is the date that matters the most. As he recalled, “Snapmaker’s story began on June 1, International Children’s Day of 2016, when I quit my job as an engineer. I chose this day as a reminder to always be curious and follow my heart. ” When in high school, the idea of establishing his own company was planted in Daniel’s heart. Back then, he was a crazy fan of Lego. After graduation, he worked for a couple of years and set a clear timeline for himself to accomplish his dream, during which he decided on the name of his company, “Snapmaker.”

Daniel has been a maker since he was a child. Born and raised by the sea of Southeastern China, he’s a natural fish lover. Every day after the class, he would come down to the local market near his school to observe how fishes control every piece of their muscles to be able to swim freely in the water. He was so obsessed that the farmers thought he was a weird child. Finally, with some help from anatomy, he figured out and mimicked how fishes moved in a robotic Big Fish project. “I realized the power of tools during years of making. Tools empower creation. I was a middle school student and didn’t have a solid foundation of mechanism, but tools made up that gap and helped me realize my ideas.” That led him to a path dedicated to making fine tools that empower everyone to create freely.

Video: robotic fish swimming in a pool

Also, we would like to share the following quote by French novelist Jules Verne. “Anything one man can imagine, other men can make real. ” It has inspired Daniel, and we believe you will resonate as well.

Children’s Day varies by country, and we celebrate it in different ways, but we all share a childlike spirit. Celebrate Children’s Day. Celebrate creativity and curiosity today and every day!

To express our gratitude to users worldwide on this particular day, we have an anniversary deal for you from June 6 – 19, so pay attention to Snapmaker’s official online store, Amazon Official Store, and AliExpress Official Store!

Happy making,
Team Snapmaker

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  1. Happy 6th Birthday Snapmaker! Childhood is truly a time of wonder. It’s amazing we can keep making something wonderful as a grown-up child. (Nice video of Daniel & the robo-fish!)

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