Celebrate a funnier Easter with Snapmaker

Hi makers, 

Easter is around the corner. This is the season of growth and bloom! Our community members can’t wait to get their hands on Easter ideas in preparation for Easter celebrations. Let’s get inspired by three timely ideas in the following blog and start making your own versions. 

More than that, we list out four online events for you to celebrate a funnier and more meaningful Easter holiday by turning your imagination into reality. Come and join us to make a wonderful Easter memory!

A Series of 10 Easter Eggshells by DaveMakesStuff

DaveMakesStuff is a maker and designer from Canada. Recently, he has designed a series of 10 Easter Eggshells with abstract and geometric patterns, which are both functional and decorative! Combining functionality, design thinking, and 3D Printing, each of them is derived from a distinctive pattern, including six triply periodic minimal surfaces (TPMS), Kelvin graph, rotated square honeycomb, hexagonal honeycomb, and vertical columns. Contents can be secured inside with a threaded insert on the bottom so that you can stash your Easter treats such as chocolates in this decorative Easter eggshell and surprise your family and friends with these 3D printed eggshells!

Decorating eggs has long been a practice for Easter in some places worldwide. Today, with 3D Printing, there is perhaps no need for real eggs, paints, brushes, etc., to decorate eggs. With a 3D printing machine like Snapmaker and a selection of filaments, you can effortlessly produce unique patterns and color variations on Easter eggs. 

Double-walled Voronoi Egg Matryoshka by Natalie Cheesmond

Natalie Cheesmond, known as 3dprintbunny on social media, is a 3D print designer and artist. Her amazing 3d designs can be found in 3D communities like Thangs and Cults3D. For this Easter season, she designed a set of three double-walled Voronoi eggs that fit inside one another and snap closed. They were printed on Snapmaker 2.0 A350T without supports in the original orientation. In this design, she artfully integrated the Voronoi diagram and the representation of the traditional Russian dolls Matryoshka into the Easter egg. You can download the files, print a whole bunch of eggs in your favorite colors, and fill them with Easter goodies!

Layered Wooden Lamp in Egg Shape by Marcus Frohberg

Luckily with a 3-in-1 3D Printer like Snapmaker, you can not only 3D print, but also laser cut some Easter decorations! Our user Macurs Frohberg used the newly-launched Snapmaker 10W Laser Module to cut basswood, pasted different layers together, and attached a LED stripe inside. When you turn the light on, a girl carrying an Easter basket, surrounded by rabbits in an outdoor setting, is vividly presented before the viewer. Get the file here if you need a beautiful artful lamp like this.

Leading up to Easter,  we would like to share an array of online events that you can participate in it and enjoy a funnier Easter with Snapmaker!

9th Snapmaking Contest: Revive in Spring 


Snapmaking Contest is a makers contest held regularly among Snapmaker users who realize their ideas through Snapmaker machines. In this round, as a gesture to welcome the pleasing return of spring and the upcoming Easter, we encourage our users to make anything related to plants! It could be gardening accessories or simply works featuring flowers and greenery. Enter to win $1000 before Apr 15! We look forward to your participation!

Up to 15% off in Easter Sale and Chances to Win Free 3D Printer

To celebrate the Easter holiday fun, we have also prepared an Easter mega sale to surprise you. A 3- Hour flash sale is coming on Apr 11! Don’t miss out on the chance to get Snapmaker 3D Printers at the lowest price! Also, the wheel of fortune is coming back this time. Get ready and spin the wheel to win everything you want. 

Join our Discussion on Social Media and Win Free Material!

From Apr 6 to Apr 10, you can join our discussion on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook Group, and tell us your experience of creating anything fun for your families or friends on Easter. We will pick four winners and send a free PLA Filament (1kg) White plus 5 CNC Bits to the winners.

Wait. There’s more than that.

Snapmaker x Mcgybeer Snapmaker 2.0 A350T Giveaway

As part of the Easter celebration, we will team up with the model designer Mcgybeer to do a special giveaway of Snapmaker 2.0 A350T on Instagram! Not long before, we interviewed Javier Rodríguez, known as Mcgybeer on social media, who designed the trending “Articulated Dragon.” If you are interested in getting more insightful maker content from Mcgybeer, don’t hesitate to follow him on Instagram and get a chance to win big!

Happy Easter and Happy making!

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