Top Snapmaker User Projects of 2021

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Hi makers,

Glad to see you again in 2022! Though two weeks have passed since 2022, we have felt a strong need to revisit some great maker ideas born in the Snapmaker community during the past year. 2021 is another year marked by uncertainty. But in our ever-growing community, the passion for making never winds down. In 2021 we were happy to see user projects that are great at all levels across our social channels. So we compiled a list based on some popularity metrics and several categories. There are many more excellent Snapmaker user projects out there. Though we would love to, the limited space here really prevents us from “showing off” everything. Now, we can’t wait to show you what these projects are, the idea or story behind and how our users talked about their projects!

  1. Jump rope prosthetic designed and 3D-printed by Jordon Ockey on Snapmaker 2.0 A350. Jordan is a Biology student at BYU. This idea came up to him when his niece constantly dreamed about jump roping. You can read this article that features this lovely project and the story behind it.
  1. DnD miniature ship designed and 3D-printed by @tylerf31 on Snapmaker 2.0 A250. Tyler is a graphic designer who took advantage of the large work area of Snapmaker 2.0 to achieve his first large-scale printing design. The model comprises eight ship pieces, an STL for the masts and one for the accessories. 
  1. 3D squid game invitation card CNC-carved by 陳健誠 on Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module. The South Korean series Squid Game became a global phenomenon in 2021. Many of you must have remembered the iconic invitation card to the squid game. Our user turned the 2D invitation card into a 3D one with a Rotary Module—one of our new products in 2021!
  1. Old Forester portrait relief CNC-carved by Stacey Vetzal on Snapmaker 2.0. This relief with exquisite details is truly a masterpiece. 
  1. Viking mode knife laser-engraved by @yohann_nvu2 on Snapmaker 2.0 A350. We have seen our users try laser engraving on so many kinds of materials. In the near future, with the newly-launched 10W Laser Module, you can even play with a wider variety of materials and hammer out more projects! 

  1. Color-changing firedragon lamp 3D-printed by Earl Funderburk on Snapmaker 2.0. More than a print, it is also a birthday gift for his daughter’s 22nd birthday :D.
  1. Involute gears 3D-printed by Leask Wong on Snapmaker 2.0. When our user Leask Wong found his watering machine not working anymore, he came up with the idea of 3D printing a drop-in replacement with Snapmaker and learned how to design gears. Everything just turned out to be great in the end! 
  1. Ferris wheel garage for toy cars designed and 3D-printed by @monohoshi_blog. This was also a winning project in our 5th Snapmaking Contest themed as “Upcycling,” consisting of a Snapmaker filament spool and a framework modeled and 3D printed by the maker. It can even rotate when you twist the handle. 
  1. Book holder 3D-printed by @wak-tech. Functional print is always super welcomed by our community. Because who doesn’t love a 3D-printed gadget like this that can make life easier??
  1. Old Forester portrait relief CNC-carved by Stacey Vetzal. A rather popular user project across our different social media platforms!

  1. Terrarium insert designed and 3D-printed by Wyatt Weaver on Snapmaker 2.0 A250. To borrow words from the creator himself, “Simply print the model then add the organic material of your choice, resulting in whatever theme you’re trying to achieve, whether it’s a desert terrarium using sand and cacti or a jungle-themed terrarium using moss you’ve gathered from your backyard.” 
  1. CNC-carved relief by Todd Weiland on Snapmaker 2.0 A350. A surreal and fantastical scene that invites the viewer to daydream. As said by Todd, “I enjoy posting these to show all of the SM owners what your machine is capable of as well as hopefully inspire someone to go down the rabbit hole with me. ”
  1. Chevrolet signage CNC-carved by Chrystof Lrx on Snapmaker 2.0 A350. We love the courage to try carving metal and the sleek outlook that it turned out to be! 
  1. Rotary pear peeler with 3D-printed brackets and base by 金.灶沐. Our user 金.灶沐 came up with this idea when he found that his neighbor, who runs a local fruit grocery, needs to peel many fruits daily. After noting this situation, he decided to design this super helpful rotary peeler to finish the peeling job in seconds. 
  1. Various projects CNC-carved by 陈健诚 on Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module. He spent one month testing our Rotary Module, and here is what he has accomplished. 

Apart from the above user projects that hit the record on our social channels, the Snapmaker team also picked a list of outstanding projects in five categories!

  1. Best educational user project: 3D-printed models for teaching mechanics by Laurent Moutoussamy. Here is a message he shared with our community: “I modified some of the parts to adapt them to my teaching. I was looking for specific systems to illustrate some points of one of my courses and I found everything! I teach in high school in France. Some of the students have never seen anything related to mechanical engineering and now I’m forced to teach out of my lab. I needed stuff easy to transport so I can illustrate my courses everywhere.”
  1. Coolest wearable user project: Eowyn costume by Nuno Aml on Snapmaker 2.0 A350. This costume is for kids! Our user 3D-printed the sword and helm, laser-cut the EVA foam for chainmaille, and finally, did some wet sanding and painting. Who doesn’t want a dad that owns a Snapmaker?
  1. Sweetest user project: Jump rope prosthetic designed and 3D-printed by Jordon Ockey. Again, this project really melts one’s heart.
  1. Best modification project on Snapmaker: DIY Rotary by Michael Mikkelson. Makers never settle. Apart from making something wonderful with Snapmaker, some makers even get their hands on modifying Snapmaker. This DIY Rotary is one of these amazing ideas. 
  1. Most interesting gadget: Rotary pear peeler with 3D-printed brackets and base by 金.灶沐

The featured projects in this article are just the tip of the iceberg of all the user projects we witnessed in 2021. The idea that we find in our community is truly beyond our imagination. We are lucky to meet so many interesting spirits. We firmly believe that 2022 will be another year of discovery. If you also want to enlighten our community with great inspiration, The StarMaker Program is a great place to start. You can even get repaid for your contribution! For more information, please refer to this introduction to the program.

Happy making!

Team Snapmaker


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