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Hi makers,

Over the past two weeks, we’ve got to know many of you. Though we never knew you before, your messages about New Year’s wishes bring us closer. We were surprised to find that we have received 1000+ wishes from worldwide. It’s heartening to see Snapmaker machines are a part of your New Year’s goals and resolutions. This time, we are thrilled to giveaway a Snapmaker 2.0 A350T + Enclosure Coupon & Snapmaker Gift Box to the Grand Prize Winner Ammelie Neth and ten Lucky prizes.

We have “met” many of you in a different way. There are people from all walks of life: primary school teacher, product designer, multi-media artist, engineering student, potter, architecture student, independent props and set designer, car enthusiast, volunteer lifeguard, etc. Some of them want to develop a 3D printing hobby or learn a new skill in laser engraving/cutting or CNC milling, and simply create something out of nowhere! Some of them are skilled enough that they look forward to starting a side hustle with the versatile Snapmaker. We have also seen many parents hope to spend quality time with kids by introducing Snapmaker to the family.

As we set out for the New Year, please join us in revisiting some new year resolutions that might inspire you in 2022.

“My New Year’s wish is to successfully convert a school bus into a tiny home with my fiancee……Snapmaker is the perfect tool for us to create custom high-quality functional pieces for our tiny home!”

From Pedro

“My Christmas wish would be a Snapmaker to make custom handles/grips for canes and walkers.”

From Kathy

“My wish is to have a Snapmaker so I can make all the things my wife wants but doesn’t exist! ?”

From Greg

“ I already have some experiences with 3D-printed light spots. But the better quality of the Snapmaker would really help me! ”

From David

“owning a small business that donates to non-profits that help disabled children…… Having a Snapmaker will assist in doing this! ♥️”

From Christina

“I would love to have this machine to be at home with my family and have the ability to print, laser cut, or mill out objects with one machine.”

From Justin

“ I believe that by teaching him how to use a diverse tool such as the Snapmaker, that it would be a powerful motivation for him to learn real-world, useful, technological skills”

From Zacharias

Apart from these, there are many other wishes we would like to share. You can also read them through this link. And we wish you a happy new year! 

Team Snapmaker

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