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Hi makers,

We have a question to ask, about choice. 

Life is full of choices. Some of them are life-changing. 

The Matrix movie is coming back this December after almost 20 years. If you are a fan of it, you must be familiar with the red pill and the blue pill

As described by Morpheus, “You take the blue pill…the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill…you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.” 

If you were the one to make the choice, which one would you choose? 

Before you answer anything, we want to share with you some stories about Wonderland. And more specifically,  it’s about Snapmaker Wonderland.

“Follow the White Rabbit,” but sometimes it’s a fish.

In the Matrix movies, the first choice Neo faced was the choice of following the rabbit or not, but for our CEO Daniel Chen, it can also be following a fish.

The fun fact you should know is that Daniel’s first startup funded at his college time was also called “Matrix,” which focuses on underwater robots.  

Video: robotic fish swimming in a pool

Daniel once told his own story:

“Yes, it’s me in the video. I was born and raised by the sea of Southeastern China, which makes me a fish lover. Every day after the class, I will come down to the local market near my high school, not buying any fish, but just simply watching them. I am so obsessed that the farmers must think I am a weird kid. However, the truth was that I wanted to know how they control every piece of muscle in the body to be able to swim freely in the water. Finally, with some help from anatomy, I was able to understand and mimic how it moves in my robotic Big Fish project. 

It still feels so real when I watch it now again after so many years. I can vividly recall the wonderful feeling when I was watching my robotic fish swimming like a real one.” 

Daniel’s choice of being a maker was made years ago, he chose to follow the big fish and his dream to make something wonderful. During the process of making, he realized how important a tool can be for people like him, which led him to a path dedicated to making fine tools that empower everyone to create freely. 

When everything goes virtual, makers keep it real.

“Metaverse” is trending now. It’s a cool thing if we can choose to stay in or stay out. If the metaverse and the Matrix represent the virtual world, makers’ culture is an important reminder of living in the moment and keeping things real. 

In the 5th anniversary party of Snapmaker, CEO Daniel Chen emphasized the mission of Snapmaker is to empower everyone to create freely in the physical world. 

Why the physical world? Because we believe that makers are those who bridge the gap between the psychological and physical world, turning ideas in your mind into creations in your reality; we also believe that makers are those who blend the digital and physical world, transforming digital codes into physical masterpieces in the real world. 

Along the way, we have witnessed our users making a positive impact on their own realities. The grandpa fixed a broken car toy for his granddaughter, the husband made a wheelchair for his beloved wife who suffered from illness, a young man unleashed his creativity to be an artist and free himself from an unfulfilled job, and many others. Our brand film is based on real user stories. 

excerpts from our brand video

Choosing Snapmaker entails an opportunity to open up a brand-new world that might change your life significantly. 

What’s in Snapmaker Wonderland?

Snapmaker Wonderland is a place where all the ideas people have in mind can be realized into wonderful creations by digital manufacturing technologies. 

It is a big shout-out to all humans to take the red pill and make something wonderful.

NOW is your best chance to win free machines, add-ons, and filaments to start your journey today! Join Treasure Hunt in Snapmaker Wonderland

Please stay tuned for more information about Snapmaker Wonderland.

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  1. “Some people go their entire lives without hearing news that good.” — Thomas Anderson / Neo, The Matrix

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