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Hi makers, 

Do you remember the first project you made with the help of Snapmaker? Maybe you were a newbie who just bought your own 3D printer, walked through the steps of setting up and the basics of using it, then get started on your first work. Maybe you’re already an experienced user trying to explore more possibilities and getting your hands on different functions.

But anyway, no matter the first attempt is a success or not, you did it! We encouraged the community to share their first project with Snapmaker and win the 5th-anniversary gift box and received dozens of showcases. We gotta say it’s impressive to see all the fantastic works made by our users, even if it was just the first project! Let’s take a closer look together.

Pierre Marty Hacquard

“Here is my first project with Snapmaker 2.0, a custom-made facade for a pc, inspired by the Apollo capsule. I did it to learn how to use the Snapmaker (4 months of work with a lot of failures but a lot of learning with the 3 modules).”

Jan Ern

“Here is my first project with the Snapmaker. The one coaster got lost.”

Marlous Vogel

“Half an octopus… It was eaten by the x-axis breaking down mid-print. Which was swiftly replaced by customer service. But it was the first thing I made after calibration.”

Tim Mallos

“I used the laser for my first project.”

Avishay Rebibo

“I etched on glass. AMAZING.”

Tim Chase

“A set of coasters for an office going away present. The logos are my organization’s official and moral patches.”

Devin Hensel

Ross Fraser

Jessica Morse

“First project: Making everyone on our film crew (over 40) a custom-made Ulu (Alaskan Knife). I drew the design, uploaded it to Luban. And cut and engraved the handles for the Ulus. Then stained and packaged them.”

Justin Bennett

“My first project with the laser and 3d printer burned many pieces of paper and learned some 3d modeling for the box.”

Erik Golm

“Here’s my first CNC/Laser combo project.”

Daniel Esser

Shaina Spann

I made garden row labels

Mike Hermon

“I’ve been making Halloween decorations for the house, we take Halloween seriously here. I’ve made a few pairs of hands that mount to the wall and look like they are reaching through it. A couple of skulls etc. Just have a couple of photos right now. So far a pair of these “creepy” hands, look like zombie hands I guess, like old-school Romero zombies. And a large skull. I have a pair of demon hands started now but they take about 25 hours per hand. The large skull I printed was 43 hours.”

Ethan Roy Morrill

“Celtic knot puzzle.”

Graham Smith

“My first project was to sort cable management and glass print bed with auto bed levelling and filament feed from top in a filament dryer box for the Snapmaker A250.”

Kevin Guylaine Young

“This was my first project laser cut cardboard recycled from the box my snapmaker came in.”

Ben Weiss

“First CNC and laser project. Cribbage board that I donated to a charity ride in August.”

Steve Johnson

“The first project i made on my A350 was a sign for my brother-in-law’s woodturning shop. Combination of laser engraving and cnc on oak with a danish oil finish.”

Chris Christiansen

“My first laser project. Doing a gray scale photo of myself at about age 19.”

Martyn Wright

“+3Over terrible CNC on acrylic was my first.”

René Blaser

“My first print was a little ghost. that thing actually started to haunt me in my dreams until i had printed it.”

Jason Cook

“One of my first custom jobs for someone I work with.”

Trevor Harned

“Still in the process but here’s my first.”

Florent Reymond-Gaudry

“A nice token holder for my tabletop game.”

Tracy Lyon

“First Laser project.”

Lina Koulou

“This was my first print with movable parts in Snapmaker 2.0 A350! An endless cube, print in one part. I was quite impressed with how it turned out! “

Gil Ramirez

“First custom project was an EVE drone from Wall E. Printed in glow in the dark PLA.”

Francis Fitzgerald

“First mixed cut engrave job I worked out myself and did. Looks ok to me. Snapmaker got me through the lockdown in Ireland with working out settings and making different things. Thanks.”

Sue Ann Selman

“My first ever 3D print designFun medals for my team at work.”

Juan Carlos Soto

”Just took 16 hours on white tile 6×6 I’m really new doing all this, My Snapmaker is the first machine ever.”

William Bond

Created this 3d pop up poster of my favorite movie.

Matthew Prescott

“My Destiny 2 ship lol.”

Erik Justin de Vries

My first project was a deck box for my brother. The laser burnt the graphics into the leather. Tip to the wise: ventilation. My house smelt like burning flesh for three days.

Scott Smith

First Laser portrait of my Daughter and granddaughter even burned border.

Paul McCaskill

Thank you all for your participation to share your work. We’re excited to see what you have made and grateful to learn that Snapmaker is serving you well during your creative journey!

Keep on making!

Team Snapmaker

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