Upgrade guide | From Snapmaker 2.0 A models to Snapmaker 2.0 AT models and F models!

Hi makers,

On the occasion of the 5th Anniversary Virtual Party on Oct 15,  we were delighted to welcome new members to the Snapmaker 2.0 family, the Snapmaker 2.0 AT models and F models! Snapmaker 2.0 AT models are the latest generation of Snapmaker’s modular 3-in-1 3D printers, whereas F models are more beginner-friendly versions that provide more flexibility in creation. Both AT models and F models are upgraded versions. In the following, we are going to unpack the upgrade. 

First thing first, what stays the same?

It must be our commitment to the modular design. Just as Snapmaker 2.0 A models, AT models are equipped with a powerful and expandable modular system beloved by many users worldwide, which allows you to switch among 3D printing, Laser cutting and engraving, CNC carving functions easily. F models only have a 3D printing function for now, but it is also expandable and can be customized into a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1, or even 4-in-1 3D printer just as you like.

But seriously, what has been improved?

Power Module

Noise from the machines has long been one of the major concerns in our community. We never overlook them; instead, we strive to improve our products based on valuable user feedback. Previously in July 2020, we introduced the Enclosure for Snapmaker 2.0, which can help reduce the noise. Now we take a step further to fix the problem. By adopting a much quieter fan in the Power Module, we are able to decrease the noise level by about 16dB[1]. The fan no longer runs at full speed all the time as in Snapmaker 2.0 A models; rather, it becomes more responsive and works in accordance with the real-time temperature. The light status shown on the Power Module will tell you if the Power Module is doing just fine.

3D printing Module

A newly-designed cooling system, quick-release hot end mechanism, and the improved extrusion components in combination elevate the printing efficiency and consistency. By optimizing the motion controlling algorithm, we made significant improvement on layer missing issue (especially around the corner) while performing high-speed printing. Compared to A models, AT models and F models can achieve the same printing quality at a faster speed thanks to the optimization of both the cooling system and motion controlling algorithm.

Linear Module

As for the Linear Module, we embedded TMC2209 stepper motor driver chips to achieve an ultra-silent work environment. This time you won’t be disturbed by the noise while operating our machines. Accordingly,  we also increased the leads of the X and Y axes’ screw rods from 8mm to 20mm; yet, with this upgrade the actual 3D printing accuracy will not be undermined. With the above-mentioned improvements, the noise level of the whole machine will maintain at about 50dB[2] during the operation.

For more information about the differences among Snapmaker 2.0 A models, AT models, and F models, please refer to the infographic below.

How to upgrade your Snapmaker 2.0?

We now offer 50% OFF on 3D Printing Module, Linear Module, and Power Module for Snapmaker 2.0 users. We will send over the 50% OFF promo code by Oct 26. Please pay attention to your mailbox!

Here are the terms and conditions of the code you need to know:

1)The code is applicable only for the 3D Printing Module, Linear Module, and the Power Module for Snapmaker 2.0.

2)The code is valid only once per customer. We recommend replacing three upgrade modules at the same time. If you need to purchase other specified modules later, please contact our customer service to get a new discount code.

3)You should select the corresponding website link (US store, EU store, Non-EU & US store) according to the shipping address when placing the order. 

4)  If you purchased your Snapmaker 2.0 from Kickstarter or Shopify, you will receive a discount code from us by Oct 26. If you purchased your Snapmaker 2.0 elsewhere, please contact our customer service to get the code: info@snapmaker.com

5)If your discount code is not available, please contact our customer service as well: info@snapmaker.com.

Thank you all for supporting our upgraded products AT models and F models. Hope you enjoy creating wonderful things with the help of Snapmaker 2.0 series!

[1]  The test result was obtained in the Snapmaker laboratory, which may vary according to the testing conditions and product iteration, and is for reference only.

[2]  Ibid.

Happy making!

Team Snapmaker

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