Snapmaker Feature Story | Discover the Art Project for Snapmaker’s 5th Anniversary

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Here comes the second Snapmaker feature story! Today, we’re sharing the story of one of our users, artist Tina Touli and showcasing the brilliant artworks she created to celebrate Snapmaker’s 5th birthday with the help of our machine. Read on to see how Tina incorporated Snapmaker 2.0’s laser cutting into her art project and get inspired!

Her Story with Snapmker

Tina is an artist with the vision to blend the digital and physical worlds. From her perspective, 3D printing, laser engraving and cutting, and CNC carving are very interesting techniques that most creatives did not even get a chance to try.

She got to know about Snapmaker when she was searching for relevant products online for her creative works.“Most creatives are not even aware that Snapmaker 2.0, which allows you to work with all these amazing techniques, is already available on the market and at a very affordable price”. That’s why she applied for the Snapmaker affiliate program earlier this year and contributed to the collaboration, to experiment with the mixture of physical and digital together, and to promote digital manufacturing tools among artists. 

“I am very keen on exploring the possibilities that a machine like this can offer to a creative.”

Tina was looking forward to working on experiments and products that she was unable to do so far by using Snapmaker 2.0 as part of the creative process, for instance, cutting typography from different materials to create her design pieces, creating 3D-printed character visuals, and limited editions of board games like Ludo or even promotional materials such as business cards.

Artworks for Snapmaker 5th Anniversary

Tina created two pieces of artwork to celebrate the 5 years of Snapmaker.

The first artwork was inspired by the theme of the anniversary campaign “Make It Happen” itself. An abstract paper sculpture representing “a drop of creativity” as it spreads and expands, with our campaign message printed on it, was created with the help of Snapmaker 2.0’s laser cutting function.

Behind the Scenes

The second artwork has a dual meaning. It depicts the letter “S” standing for “Snapmaker” while at the same time it reads as the number “5” standing for the 5 years of Snapmaker. Wooden layers of the letter/number “S/5” representing Snapmaker’s history and the creativity spreading were cut with the help of Snapmaker 2.0’s laser cutting function and painted to shape the final composition.

Behind the Scenes

Access to Limitless Possibilities

How’s Tina’s creative progress with Snapmaker? According to her feedback, Snapmaker can become an extension of designers and their creativity.

“As creatives, we don’t want to think of any technical issues and limitations while creating or even brainstorming. We want to have an uninterrupted creative experience and freedom to create anything, no matter how big or small the project is, how complex or simple. We want to be able to make it happen! “

“That is exactly what Snapmaker 2.0 allows us. It provides easy straightforward access to limitless possibilities, from 3D printing, laser engraving to CNC carving, breaking any boundaries between creativity and technology. “

Laser cutting, CNC engraving, and 3D printing have opened a door for artists and designers to explore art. What are your thoughts about their application in art? Have our products made a difference in your creative works? Let us know in the comment section below!

Happy making,

Team Snapmaker

About Tina Touli

Tina Touli is a London-based creative director, graphic communication designer, maker, speaker, and educator who works in a great variety of design fields, both digital and print, including branding, typography, web design, animation, etc. Her work is mostly known for blending the physical and the digital world, working across different platforms and mediums, and has been featured in Communication Arts magazine, Computer Arts magazine, Digital Arts magazine, Creative Review blog, and design publications. 

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