StarMaker | 3D Printing Allowed Creation for My Channel

Printed and written by: Adam

Platforms: Twitch, Instagram

3D Printer: Snapmaker 2.0 A350 x 2, Snapmaker OG x1

STL Files: Thingiverse, Other

Materials for 3D Prints:

  • White PLA 1000 Grams
  • Black PLA 1000 Grams
  • Green PLA 1000 Grams
  • Blue PLA 1000 Grams

Assembly Materials: Republic Commando helmet (Imperial version)

  • Epoxy
  • Semi Gloss Black spray paint (rustolium)
  • Airbrush
  • Window Tint
  • Lamination packets
  • Duplicolor clear coat
  • Red airbrush paint
  • White paint (Frost technique)

Hi there! I am Adam, also known as That Y-Wing Guy on Twitch and Instagram. I run a small 3D printing/gaming channel that rewards viewers with awesome Star Wars/sci-Fi related items.

I started 2 years ago with the OG Snapmaker. I made small parts for dioramas on my old YouTube Channel with it out of PLA. It was there that I learned how to use CAD programs and the proper use of a 3D printing machine. What attracted me to the Snapmaker OG was its “Swiss Army” knife approach to a small shop with little room.

2 years later, I decided to get into a business mindset. With the help of some friends, I acquired the larger 2.0 A350 and began prepping for its use. The old YouTube channel became dormant due to my work schedule taking up the time. If I wanted to continue on the social media path, I needed to create something from the ground up that allowed production to be automated while I worked.

After 5 long months of planning, testing, and making sure I understood the new machine, THAT Y-WING GUY channel launched on Twitch with a new twist to the viewer that follows. Incorporating the OG Snapmaker with the A350, I’m able to create small rewards for the viewer. With the loyalty point system on twitch, they can redeem small items, free of charge. IT WAS A HIT! People love the idea. As the channel progressed, I ended up acquiring another A350 to help with demand when my channel blows up from time to time.

Hand full of Halo AI chips rewards

A part of the channel that makes it unique is its Helmets. I give away helmets as a gift to those who either invest into my channel at a Tier 3 level or by simply watching and earning loyalty points. (Watto Bucks is what we call it)

Over time, the Snapmakers have helped me develop skills for the cosplay base and making large projects real. The Republic Commando is the most Recent Tier 3 to hit the final finish mark. I used grey PLA with a 0.3 detail level. After it was completed, I moved to use Bondo and other materials to fill in layer lines.

Once the Bondo and heavy Primer process was finished, the paint job began. I have to say, I’m really impressed with the clear coat at the end.

The best part of doing this for 11 months and 14 helmets, is the community that I learn from. Each and every helmet I’ve made has always had someone who I can talk to about better performance, faster printing time, and experimental ideas for the next project. I am always excited to give back to the people who invest in my dream.

Snapmaker has made an incredible machine that has the “multi-use” most small shops need. I look forward to using the laser engraver and woodcutter in the future! Thank you for making this incredible tool!


About StarMaker Program

StarMaker Program is a series of long-term plans aiming at stimulating the communication within our community as well as the connection between users and the Snapmaker team. Leading users who contribute to skills teaching, inspiration sharing, product feedback and community maintenance will be awarded star honor and other rewards.

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