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Make It Happen | Snapmaker 5th Anniversary Message From the CEO

“Passion is the most powerful thing in the world. The best thing I can imagine is to do what you are passionate about in your life. Whether you’re making for yourself or your loved ones, it’s the wonderful things that bring you happiness.”

Snapmaker CEO

Snapmaker’s story began on June 1, International Children’s Day of 2016 when I quit my job as an engineer. I chose this special day as a reminder to always be curious and follow my heart.

It all started at a Makerspace with 3 engineers, and 1 operation staff where we developed and knuckled down on Snapmaker Original and the Kickstarter campaign. Fortunately, the product made its successful debut on Kickstarter in March 2017. Two years later, Snapmaker 2.0 raised 7.85 million dollars as the most funded technology project in Kickstarter’s history. In March 2021, we raised millions in series A funding. We couldn’t have made it without the trust and support from our backers and users.

The past five years have witnessed the joint growth of the Snapmaker team, our users, and partners. We’re grateful to have an online community of over 150k followers and members; We’ve developed our own business model with a combination of crowdfunding, direct selling, and distribution, with over 60,000 machines shipped to more than 120 countries and welcomed by makers, hobbyists, educational organizations, and small business owners.

Our team has also grown from 4 to over 200 and every one of us shares a set of values: Innovation, Rigorousness, and Diligence.

Being innovative means always creating values for our consumers with good products. We made the all-metal 3-in-1 3D printer, as all-metal represents ultra-precision, premium quality, and high standard, whereas the 3-in-1 modular design makes a highly expandable modular platform that is fun to play with, and 3D printing is the path we have chosen.

Being rigorous is to be perfectionistic about the quality of our products. Being a user-oriented company, we’ve been committed to maintaining high product quality and pursuing perfection.

Being diligent means pushing the limits to perfect our hardware, firmware, software, and supply chains to deliver a satisfying user experience. In July 2017, we established our first production line to accommodate the production and assembly of Snapmaker Original. In 2020, we built a new factory and extended our production capacity to 5,000 units per month in 6 months.

Our brand concept has shifted from “Make Anything” to “Make Something Wonderful” over the years. In the beginning, we hope to empower every user with the ability to make anything. However, life is short, and we only have limited time and energy to focus on what we’re passionate about.

“Make It Happen” is the theme of our 5th anniversary, which also reflects what we think about making. Wonder doesn’t just happen by coincidence, it belongs to those who dare to dream and take action. From what I’ve seen every Snapmaker user is a wonder maker.

Our mission is to “create excellent tools to empower creation”. Next up, we will continue making tools accessible to regular consumers with engineering technology, to empower each individual to enjoy making, and make something wonderful.

Daniel Chen

Snapmaker CEO

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  1. Thank you for your snapmaker it’s one of the best invention in this times, you’re making our comes true with with great machine.

  2. I am so proud of you guys!
    You Dared! To Follow your dream’s! Your
    Actions..Have Enriched My Life!
    (You) Truly changed Mine,??? Thank You ?? ?! ( P.S. I want in on that project,,(changing the world MAKE it a better place4u&me???

    RIchard Bacon

  3. When I first saw an ad for Snapmaker I was intrigued. I checked it out further and was convinced then, it was made in Germany, the apparent quality was that high.

    I don’t yet have any 3D printer but an A-350 is on my list (of one) to get it within a few months, to build a complex project I am into for the last 2 and a half years. Otherwise I had planned on 2 or 3 separate machines that had a smaller build volume and would end up costing more and be more complex to make parts from printing to CNC then to laser due to different operating software for each machine.

    Snapmaker…. All in one and one for all.

  4. I have to admit that until today I wasn’t aware of your company or products. I found the Snapmaker products via an ad that appeared on my FB feed following days of looking at different model small format CNC machines and Laser Engravers. I have to say I am very impressed at the Snapmaker products. I congratulate you on what looks to be very solid and innovative products with fantastic reviews, a strong company backing them and a great community of dedicated users.

    My research into these products has been triggered by a side business my daughter has asked for my help in setting up, that her 7 year old daughter, my Granddaughter, can be involved in and learn the principles of business, marketing and finances, etc. With the current COVID situation it is also beneficial to have a side gig going to generate additional income.

    When I saw the capabilities of the A350, the reviews, your community and the apparent quality of both the product and the company producing it, I knew it was the machine I would go with if possible, because it not only fits the immediate requirement, but has additional capabilities that would allow us to expand the offerings in the future, and I like the idea of being able to do everything with a single machine, at least initially until we start generating revenue and can afford to expand. Unfortunately the sizeable difference between US and AUS pricing will stretch our small initial budget too far, but I’ll keep dreaming about owning one and maybe, if we can make a success of our little enterprise using the alternatives, we’ll be able to afford a Snapmaker.

    In the meantime, keep up the fantastic work. I’ll continue to follow the progress now that I know about you.

    1. Hey Steve, thanks for paying attention to us. We now have the Snapmaker Original educational version with a 20% discount, which might be an affordable starting point to try out.

  5. I have the A350 and am mostly satisfied with it. If I had to list my main gripe, it would be the screwing and unscrewing needed to change the beds especially to use the CNC. So maybe you could look at making some sort of quick change bed and perhaps also speed up release of that laser that is already on the road map.

  6. You and the entire Snapmaker team have proven time and time again that the customer, us, is why you are here.
    You have listened, learned, and revised your business insights to improve your products and satisfy us with each turn.
    Thanks for listening and continuing to strive for excellence!
    I love my Snapmaker 2.0 and I love the passion and the people behind it!

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