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Hi all!

Happy Children’s Day!

The six-edition of Snapmaker Makerathon was successfully held from May 22nd to 23rd. For those new to the event, Makerathon is our team maker challenge that requires each team to bring their theme-related ideas into reality within 24 hours, aiming to push the boundaries of creativity and encourage open and free maker spirit.

As International Children’s Day is approaching, the theme of this year is “Never Grow Up.” A total of 15 teams from Snapmaker worked all night long and created remarkable works that may bring you some inspiration.

Curious about what we have made this year? Don’t miss the blog post and take a closer look together!

Here We Go!

Trigger Team-Nostalgia

Trigger designed an imaginative, innocent, and cute logo on the device, and the beads inside the logo keep moving ahead, just like all of us keep moving on the life. Growth is always accompanied by difficulties and sorrows, but we hope that it brings you strength when you recall that simple and happy childhood.

SnapGoBang Team-SnapGo

The team made a gobang-playing robot that could play autonomously a whole game against a human opponent. Incorporated the Snapmaker A250 linear modules, the camera from the laser engraving module, and developed a gobang-playing algorithm, an interactive user interface displayed on the touchscreen was also designed to show the process of the game. Not as smart as an Alpha Go, but enough to beat you up!

Lazy Bones Team-Automatic Study Assistant

The study assistant is a typewriter that can type words automatically. It supports G-code file transfer, writing speed & font customization, and work area mid-printing. The 3D printed and laser-cut tool head is controlled by software, and the CNC machined base plate is controlled by the linear modules.

Moon Explorers Team-Basketball Arcade Machine

Just like a real basketball arcade machine you can find at an amusement arcade, drop a coin and press the button to start the game with the stunning machine! The basket is attached to the slider on the X-axis of a Snapmaker 2.0 A350 to control its movement, which stays still, moves horizontally, or moves in a triangular route in different rounds. Two photoelectric sensors on the backboard help to identify scores.

Hi-Five Team-5-axis CNC

Ever tried a 5-axis CNC tool before? Well, the Hi-Five team made it. For the mechanical part, the team installed two rotary modules with joint parts on a cubic frame; For the software, the firmware was modified to fit in 5 axis movement operation. An impeller, a classic model of 5-axis CNC was carved to testify the 5-axis CNC tool.

SixGod Team-Game Without Limit

The team made an interactive motion-sensing gaming machine based on the modification of Snapmaker 2.0. You can control the robot to move forward and make an attack with motion sensing, and each hit can reduce the opponent’s blood volume. Not just for boxing, hamster, CS, shooting, fishing, and other games are also applicable.

Haker Team-Marshmallow Machine

Who doesn’t like marshmallows as a kid? The team made an automatic marshmallow machine that can get you a sweet marshmallow in just one minute. The machine utilized the key component of the Snapmaker linear module and turned its horizontal movement into a vertical one, as well as the rotary module being modified into a robotic arm.

Artificial Human No.8 Team-Alice

Alice is a human-like robot that will react to your motion: she blinks when you blink, and she tilts his head when you tilt yours. The first challenge during the making process is to avoid the uncanny valley in virtual character design, and the result looks great!

Happy Snapmaking Team- Omnipotent Wireless Game Controller

The game controller applies to any game played by keyboard and mouse, such as gunfight games, racing games, and boxing games, which brings an immersive gaming experience to players.

Bunny-Works Team-Secret Game Base

The team built an immersive secret game base, allowing you to play table football in a tent. All the players are made with Snapmaker 2.0, combining the 3D printing and CNC carving functions.

Kidstarter Team-Snapmaker Ray

Exciting news, backers! A brand new project was launched on Kidstarter, an LCD 3D printer & wash & cure station.

As Swift as Thought Team-3D Holographic Fan

The 3D holographic screen mainly uses the POV technology which is densely arranged by one or several columns of LEDs and then rotates the image.

Happy Joker Boom Team-Whack-a-Landlord

Snapmaker Puck Team- Desktop Slim Puck

Grand Finale Rotating Team-Merry-go-round

Unlike a traditional merry-go-round, the work showed all the gear structures, all 3D printed, giving a mechanical sense. Participants were encouraged to color the artwork together. Stunning right?

It’s All About Teamwork


Congratulations to the Following Teams!

First Prize

LCD 3D Printer by Kidstarter Team

Second Prize

  • Automatic Study Assistant by Lazy Bones Team
  • 5-axis CNC by Hi-Five Team

Third Prize

  • Omnipotent Wireless Game Controller by Happy Snapmaking Team
  • Alice by Artificial Human No.8 Team
  • Merry-go-round by Grand Finale Rotating Team

Best Presentation

3D Holographic Fan by As Swift as Thought Team

Best Presenter

Secret Game Base by Bunny-Works Team

We had so much fun at the Makerathon and hope you enjoy the event as much as we do. Always stay young and keep making!

 Much love,

Team Snapmaker

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