Join Our StarMaker Program and Get Repaid for Your Contribution

Snapmaker is turning 5 years old! We could never come so far without the support from our community, especially some professional and enthusiastic users. As the 5th anniversary of Snapmaker approaches, we are delighted to launch the StarMaker Program to further facilitate the growth of our community and repay your kind support.

What is StarMaker Program?

StarMaker Program is a series of long-term plans aiming at stimulating the communication within our community as well as the connection between users and the Snapmaker team. Leading users who contribute to skills teaching, inspiration sharing, product feedback and community maintenance will be awarded star honor and other rewards.

What can you get from the Program?

Stars, Points & Rewards

There are three levels of star honor. To reach each level, you can earn points by accomplishing specific tasks. Every time you gain a new star, you’ll receive a congratulatory email. Following are the required points and rewards for different star levels.

More coming up…

Personal Influence & Community Engagement

Projects and thoughts from StarMakers have the priority to be shared in our community and across our social channels, so it’s an opportunity to expand your personal influence. Besides, we will work more closely with you and take account of your opinions in product development.

How does it work? 

More Tasks, More Points

Each task is worth certain points. We’ll record your points in our system after you have completed a task. We first release one task as a start. There will be more tasks to choose from in the future.

Task 1: Maker Experience Sharing

Worth: 10 points

We have always been grateful for your voluntary support and we want to further expand your positive influence. Join our StarMaker Program to enlighten more users and connect more closely with our team. Let’s build a better community together!

Terms and Conditions

  1. $50 Voucher and Free Addon Coupon are valid for three months and only apply to Snapmaker official online store. Shipping is excluded.
  2. Free Addon Coupon can be used on any addon off the shelf, pre-orders not applicable.
  3. Snapmaker reserves the right to explain and revise the rules of the program.

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