Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module & Emergency Stop Button public pre-order starts today! Maker stories winners announced!

Happy April Fools’ Day! But seriously we are presenting our latest addon from the Snapmaker 2.0 Family, the Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module and Emergency Stop Button! Today is also a great day to celebrate Maker Culture and Maker spirit: Stay foolish, keep making.

Never too late for a turnaround

Makers are optimistic. It’s never too late for a “turnaround”. They are always up for a fun adventure. 

The Rotary Module opens a new world of creations.  By adding a 4-axis, the rotary module enables your Snapmaker to rotary CNC carve and laser. What for? Due to the nature of 3-axis CNC machining, some dimensional works simply cannot be made with the traditional method. But that is the area where 4-axis machining really shines. The rotary module can output finer 3-dimensional art pieces, such as desktop miniatures and small-sized sculptures.

Never settle for enough

Will it be foolish to dream big if there is a chance of failing? We don’t think so. As you can see, the learning curve is always steep in the beginning, but makers are not going to settle. 

Users should generally know that there is a learning curve with the Snapmaker 2.0 Rotary Module, as with 4-axis CNC machining. It is fun to play with, but not plug and play. In case you are worried, we have developed tools such as Origin Assistant and Bit Assistant to ease your learning process.

Finding the one

Makers are precise about what they want, and how they are going to achieve it. To find “the one”, and they need everything in control. 

For high precision, the rotary module uses strain wave gearing and packs a 100:1 speed reducer that converts the power to a lower output speed. This allows the 3-jaw chuck to rotate with a minimum angle of 0.1°. Now, you can make on uneven and irregular surfaces without missing a step. 360° continuous rotation with a maximum angular speed of 45° per second, the rotary module is one fast sculptor. Along with precise control ranging from 0.2, 1, and 5-degree rotation on the touchscreen, you can really see the difference in every motion.

Knowing when to stop 

Taking up challenges requires not only courage, but also wisdom to stop at the right time. Makers know when to stop. 

The Snapmaker 2.0 Emergency Stop Button is designed to prioritize safety. It can be installed practically anywhere, which means you can easily access the stop button when it matters most. Imagine if you wanted to salvage your art piece or the bit was about to crash into the machine, you pressed the stop button without thinking and further potential harm was prevented. We’ve got your back.

Best makers stories

Congratulations to the winners! Happy April and happy making in the 4th dimension!

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