Virtual CES 2021: Embrace changes, make connections

This is the fourth time Snapmaker is attending CES and like everyone else, the first time experiencing an all-digital exhibition. 

From Jan 11th to 14th, we have welcomed thousands of exhibition attendees from around the world and communicated with them via live chat and Zoom. If the world is not going to be the same and in fact, it has never been, Snapmaker will always be open to embrace changes and make valuable connections wherever and whenever possible. But we can’t deny that we do miss the offline experience where we can meet makers, investors, business partners in person, especially when our trip last year to Las Vegas was magnificent and rewarding with the stunning debut of Snapmaker 2.0.

This year, Snapmaker is ready to embrace the new normal and keep up with the constantly changing reality with an unchanged faith, which is to empower makers to make something wonderful. 

The digital venue will remain open until Feb 15th. Check out our page and connect with us here at CES 2021.

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