Early Bird backers are receiving their Snapmaker 2.0!

In late December, we started shipping the first batch of Snapmaker 2.0 modular 3-in-1 3D printers to our early bird backers. Up to now, all the early bird rewards have been handed over to the logistics company and more than 100 backers have received their Snapmaker 2.0! Here are some pictures from the production line:

Everyone is so excited about the arrival of the Snapmaker 2.0. Users from all over the world are sharing their unboxing experience in the community. At least 3 users posted their unboxing videos on YouTube. You can find them by joining our Facebook group or you can check out our official unboxing video:

In addition to the unboxing and assembly experience, they are also sharing their feedback of the quality. Here are a few key words that have been used the most by our users: amazing, easy, impressed and awesome! Check out these posts from the community!

These are the authentic reactions from our early users. If you haven’t pre-ordered the Snapmaker 2 .0, click the below button to learn more.

Much love,
The Snapmaker Team

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