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One of our users that you know as @Doug, often calls himself the newbie and lives in Australia, shared an interesting story.

Doug mentioned that he has a good friend who works in a Hi-tech company in the USA. That company is doing some great things and runs a number of one-day community presentation sessions throughout the year and invites children in from local schools to attend. During these presentations, the business presents a number of STEM related topics (STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) including simple workshops to build things.

The aim of these presentations is to excite the next generation of kids to consider a career in the STEM fields.

Doug while learning about his Snapmaker, printed up a batch of trinkets, Batman logos, Wonder Woman logos, painted them and sent them to his friend for handing out to the kids. Kids like gifts and it was also an example of what can be achieved with a 3D printer. Doug’s friend said the trinkets were a huge hit so he has performed this activity a few times now.

On two fronts, this story is interesting. Firstly, a business puts something back into the community to excite young minds to follow a STEM-based career and ensures bright young minds might knock on their door in the years ahead.

Secondly, Doug creating gifts as handouts on the Snapmaker has allowed him to experiment with different filaments, different settings, painting, etc. He says it is just a fill-in activity between his other projects and he has learned a good deal from doing it.

So, to all our talented users, have you thought of doing something like this, make batches of small toys to hand out to the less fortunate in your community or get your company to run the occasional presentation to kids and hopefully generate your next generation of employees?

* For a number of legal reasons, the company running the presentations for kids wishes to remain anonymous.

Please send an email to if you have any interesting stories that can be shared with other Snap Makers.

Much love,
The Snapmaker Team

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